Tuesday, December 21, 2010

that's all for today's blog

I wish I can write something everyday on my blog, but today my mind is gonna... stucked *>.<* Just briefly telling what I wish to do in following months.

That is... doing smth I wished for 7 years... COSPLAYING~~ *>.<*

Well, at the time, my parents are too protective on me... so, I'm not dare to tell them my hobbies... (They would stare at me), and not financially ok at that time... Now, I can afford the costs and few more months later, I will financially independent!! (But I wish I can enough free time lar... [be a journalist maybe?]), so I'm thinking that I'm going to cosplaying before my graduation (afraid there will be no more time available after graduation), earn experience that never can found when old, and also make more friends lar... (I do not have much friends *T.T*)

For the first time, I think I won't play those complex characters lar... Find those character have accessories that available second hand or not much tailoring works needed to play. Maybe Senri Shiki and Kaname Kuran from VK. There won't be have too much difficulties, but because my skin is dark, the difficulty may higher. Kaname may not too suitable because he is... tall *>.<"* Senri is ok, same height with me 173cm, some more same almost same hairstyle with me, dye my hair maroon is ok already (I decided to do that quite long time ago, what a coincidence...), turquoise contact lens may not too hard to find, night class uniform is easily available both second hand and first hand without finding a tailor, playing the character with his casual looks also can, he wears black jacket with white T-shirt inside, quite easily available.

Of course, the definition of cosplay is costume+roleplay=cosplay. But I've only watched the series for one single time only, some more watch through streaming from youtube, not downloaded, can't watch again easily. But never mind, gain experience only, and... eating Pocky during taking photo.

Good words, but may not easy to do. Try all the best lar... and notice when and where the next cosplay event would be. Digital camera also in my wishlist. *XD* After Senri Shiki, I may try other much more complex characters. (Probably 4th Quarter 2011.)

I found that I have bulk of time if I'm not on computer games.

I have enough time pursuit my hobbies on painting, singing, writing and cosplaying.
Without interfering my coursework of course.

And in fact, I don't really like computer games much.

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